Allied Health Education is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Dr. Ginger Garner, PT, DPT, ATC, LAT, PYT & board certified in Lifestyle Medicine & the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (PYTI)® to bring you a series of courses to assist you with completing the Lifestyle Medicine Certificate & the Professional Yoga Therapist Certification.

Get the tools to grow your practice & expand your skillset with two pathways…

  1. Professional Yoga Therapist Certification – We equip licensed healthcare providers with a thorough skillset in using yoga in healthcare & wellness care.
  2. Lifestyle Medicine Certificate – We prepare you to become Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine with our Lifestyle Medicine Certificate Program.

Invigorate your professional life and learn with us how to….

  • Launch a Lifestyle Medicine practice
  • Identify root causes of impairment using Lifestyle, Functional, & Integrative Medicine
  • Use health coaching to affect behavior & lifestyle choices
  • Tackle and prevent burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Employ concrete self care principles
  • Use Medical Therapeutic Yoga as a method  for evidence-based, mindful evaluation, diagnosis, and intervention 
  • Improve patient outcomes using the evidence-based biopsychosocial model

Two levels of recognition are awarded:

  • Professional Yoga Therapist Certification
    Modules 1-7 & Case Community Competency Project Completed
  • Lifestyle Medicine Certificate
    Modules 1-4 & the 2 Electives (4 CE) below:
    Science of Mindful Exercise Prescription
    Managing Environmental Influences on Health & Wellbeing 

PYTI® has been preparing licensed healthcare providers to be leaders in the field of Lifestyle & Functional Medicine through the integrative lens of yoga for 20 years, and in 2020 are launching our 4th generation certification. Now we want to make the certification even more accessible to you by offering 2 tracts. 

We believe physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals should be front line primary care providers in Lifestyle Medicine. Moving more of the certification online is more convenient and less expensive for you to certify and practice. You will be better positioned in a shorter time frame – to help their patients make better lifestyle choices, which will help tackle epidemic rate of chronic disease and pain, and make our society healthier and happier.


    1. Medical Therapeutic Yoga Modules 1-4 (20 CE ONLINE).  To learn more about each of the modules click on the respective module link:
    2. Elective Modules (4 CE ONLINE)
      NOTE: This program can be completed entirely online. No other modules are required, however, we do strongly recommend you consider completing the PYT Certification, as it goes hand in hand with the Lifestyle Medicine (LM) curriculum. It offers hands-on experience with implementation of everything you learn in the online LM Certificate program. 
    1. Medical Therapeutic Yoga Modules Modules 1-4 are required to complete the certification program.  
    2. To learn more about each of the modules click on the respective module link:
    3. Level I – Module 5 (27 live, on-location hours) 
    4. Level II – Module 6 (28 live, on-location hours) 
    5. Level III – Module 7 (38 live, on-location hours) 
    6. Case Community Competency project (variable hours) – The CCC is a karma yoga project carried out in your community with the mentorship of an assigned faculty mentor. The CCC is included in M7 tuition. 
  3. LIFESTYLE MEDICINE CERTIFICATE & PYT CERTIFICATION – It is easy to pursue both credentials at the same time if you prefer. You can follow this pathway:
    1. Take M1-4
    2. Attend Levels I, II, & III, and complete the CCC
    3. Take 2 Electives

For further information about either or both of these programs go to